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My too many current projects (PROJECTS++)

Design Pattern Annotations

Annotate the design patterns you use in your code with Java Annotations created for this purpose. Project with Java Champion Heinz Kabutz, see

StoreApp - OpenSource m-commerce iOS store application (framework)

Coming soon, have to clean it up and upload to github

Session for Software Craftsmanship 2010, Oct 7th, Bletchley Park, UK

Understand a language better – Test Drive your own Unit Testing Framework

Java Specialists Master Course Trainer and Java Specialists Club Member and Presenter

Contributing Editor to InfoQ

Here is a list of my article

Awesome magnetic balls for sale

Have to finish the shop site

New Blog

JetBrains Academy Member

Evangelising for the best IDE ever, thanks to Hadi Hariri for inviting me, get yours for free. And don't forget to check out the brand new JetBrainsTV

Kymera Magic Wand (Universal Gesture Recognizing InfraRed Control)

Community Site, Now also reselling at 57,75 EUR (w/ free worldwide shipping)

Shopping for treasures ?

Check out my new web shop

Tutorial: Introduction to Qi4j at JAOO 2009 (Oct. 8th)


Unix-Power-Tools Mindmap

IT-Stammtisch Dresden (User Group)

Café and Print Workshop in the atmosphere of a medieval monastery library

Die Buchbar

Print On Things - Print Workshop

The Text Based Roleplay Game (MUD) where I met my wife

[Mesirii @ morgengrauen is playing, programming, promoting, head of board of non profit association ]

TinyMacros TinyFugue client script collection

OpenSource projects an enum based java xml dsl

squill java based sql dsl

Jequel java sql dsl with symbol generation from database metadata

Web Projects

E-Mail based Time Management Assistant (Sandy is dead)


Reviewing Martin Fowlers DSL Book

Reviewing Apprenticeship Patterns

97 Things every Programmer Should Know


Tinkering / Research

Lego Time Tracking (featured at lifehacker)

Print On Lego


Blue Labs

Brick Log Lego Adventures

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