Importing Mapping Metaphor into Neo4j

Posted by Michael Hunger on Sep 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

I came across this tweet, which sounded really interesting.

@MappingMetaphor: Metaphor Map now complete! Remaining data now up, and showing nearly 12,000 metaphorical connections: http://mappingmetaphor.arts.gla.ac.uk/

Mapping Metaphor

About the project

The Metaphor Map of English shows the metaphorical links which have been identified between different areas of meaning. These links can be from the Anglo-Saxon period right up to [...]


5 Tips & Tricks for Fast Batched Updates of Graph Structures with Neo4j and Cypher

Posted by Michael Hunger on Mar 2, 2017 in Uncategorized, cypher, import, neo4j

Inefficient Solutions
Better Approach

UNWIND to the Rescue
Overall Syntax Structure


Create node with properties
MERGE node with properties
Node lookup and MERGE/CREATE relationship between with properties
Lookup by id, or even list of ids

Faster, Better, Further: All the tricks

Update of existing nodes by id
Update of existing relationships by id

Conditional Data Creation
Utilizing APOC Procedures

Creating Nodes and Relationships dynamically
Batched Transactions
Creating / Updating Maps [...]


On Creating a MapDB Schema Index Provider for Neo4j 2.0

Posted by Michael Hunger on May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized, code, java, neo4j

Writing an Neo4j 2.0 Schema Index Provider for MapDB
Neo4j 2.0 introduced the concept of real automatic indexes with a new underlying indexing subsystem SPI. So I thought it would be really helpful to try it out and provide a faster indexing implementation than the default lucene one. I chose MapDB for it and the results [...]


On Signing MacBooks

Posted by Michael Hunger on Oct 1, 2008 in Uncategorized, conference, fun, mac

Today was the last day of this great JAOO Conference. Rickard, Emil and Irene had to leave. I’ll stay for two more days. Tomorrow some tutorials and squill hacking with Jevgeni .
I had some really great discussions over the last couple of days. The conference atmosphere is the best place to breed new ideas.
As a [...]

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On Fearless Change – Tutorial @ QCon London 2008

Posted by Michael Hunger on Mar 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

This year’s qcon I decided to attend no technical tutorials but more development process oriented ones – i.e. Agile.
On Monday I was delighted to attend Lindas tutorial. It had a very personal touch, was very interactive. She presented the patterns for introducing new ideas into organizations using a play with us participants as actors. [...]


On Closures in Java

Posted by Michael Hunger on Dec 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

While reviewing Martin Fowlers upcoming DSL book I started thinking (again) about closures in Java and the current overly verbose syntax for Single Abstract Method Interfaces. And then there was the blog entry of Anders NorĂ¥s about Deferred Execution and Kicker Methods, both relaying to the DSL stuff I just read.
So starting with a SAM [...]


On Implementation Patterns

Posted by Michael Hunger on Nov 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Last week I finally got the book. Implementation Patterns from Kent Beck. I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while.
The first thing I noticed was that the book is actually Java Best Practice Pattterns, although it doesn’t mention in in its title.
The book is a part of the condensed knowledge of an experienced developer [...]


On Jequel @ CodeHaus

Posted by Michael Hunger on Nov 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

After two and a half weeks of waiting I finally got a CodeHaus project for
Jequel. There were some issues with the project registration, I had to file a JIRA issue.
Another problem was the hidden user account form page. So I had a project but no user login. But the ops sent me the information neccessary [...]


On Bricks And Mortar – A simple, Spring based Workflow Framework

Posted by Michael Hunger on Nov 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

In spring I was asked to support some maintenance people who had problems of cross checking oracle and informix databases for inaccurate data. I started writing a small Spring based workflow engine and was discouraged continuing to work on it.
But now the pain of the maintenance people has grown again and I polished the stuff [...]


On synchronizing documentation

Posted by Michael Hunger on Nov 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

While reading one of Rod Johnsons books (J2EE development without EJB) I thought about the extensive documentation the spring framework supplies and how accurate and up to date it is.
Most projects have a hard time keeping their documentation in sync with the code in production. When developing new features you don’t want to spend time [...]

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