Natural Language Analytics made simple and visual with Neo4j

Posted by Michael Hunger on Jan 8, 2015 in cypher, fun

I was really impressed by this blog post on Summarizing Opinions with a Graph from Max and always waited for Part 2 to show up :)

The blog post explains an really interesting approach by Kavita Ganesan which uses a graph representation of sentences of review content to extract the most significant statements about a product.

Each [...]


MovieHackDay Berlin Recap

Posted by Michael Hunger on Jun 6, 2011 in fun, neo4j

It was really a great event. Perfectly organized by MoviePilot.de (@Jannis) where Pere works as well.

You can find all information about the event on their site moviehackday.com and of course @moviehackday and #moviehackday (wiki)
There was free pizza, drinks (also beer), food coupons and cake from Pere, ping pong, lots of space, great conversations.
Some people have [...]



Industrial Grade Barcode Scanning w/ an Apple iPad USB barcode scanner and camera connection kit

Posted by Michael Hunger on Oct 26, 2010 in fun, iOS

I was pondering the means of how to scan barcodes with an iPad for a while.
Today I found a really cheap solution. Just connect a stock USB keyboard barcode scanner via the camera connection kit USB connector to the iPad, and you’re done.
Now you can scan your book EANs for librarything or other things [...]

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On Signing MacBooks

Posted by Michael Hunger on Oct 1, 2008 in Uncategorized, conference, fun, mac

Today was the last day of this great JAOO Conference. Rickard, Emil and Irene had to leave. I’ll stay for two more days. Tomorrow some tutorials and squill hacking with Jevgeni .
I had some really great discussions over the last couple of days. The conference atmosphere is the best place to breed new ideas.
As a [...]

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On Finding The Anykey

Posted by Michael Hunger on Aug 4, 2008 in development, fun

Finally I’ve found it: The mysterious “Anykey” is living under the strange name of “QuickFix” in your IDE of choice.

Pressing Alt+Enter (Cmd+Enter) in Intellij IDEA or Ctrl+1 in Eclipse enables you to program on a “per example” basis. You can do
introduction of variables, fields, classes,
changing method signatures
completing structure
surrounding code with live template
importing dependencies
and much [...]



On LEGO Powered Time-Tracking; My Daily Column

Posted by Michael Hunger on Aug 1, 2008 in development, fun, lego

I’ve had troubles with time tracking my worktime for all the years. I always found this to be a tedious burden and inconvenience. So one morning in my blue hour (reading in a cafe before work) I spent the time pondering the alternatives.
I started listing software and realworld solutions to timetracking that are possible and [...]



On Toys @ QCon London 2008

Posted by Michael Hunger on Mar 13, 2008 in conference, fun

Its very funny how many guys are interested in your laptop if its a MacBook Air. I actually spotted only one other at the SpringSource Booth. At Monday I got awarded the Canadian maple leaf tag by Kirk Pepperdine, who forced me during the next days on several occassions to show off :)
The benefit was [...]


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