Your next Neo4j App is just a few Lines of Code away

Posted by Michael Hunger on Feb 18, 2014 in code, neo4j

The transactional http endpoint that was added to Neo4j 2.0 is really easy to use.
You can stream batches of cypher statements with their parameters to the server and receive the answers in a streaming fashion too.
The basic usage, of one transaction per batched request can be used with 3 lines of javascript.


On Using Neo4j-Shell with Basic-Auth over Http on a Remote Server

Posted by Michael Hunger on Feb 18, 2014 in code, neo4j

Accessing your beloved Neo4j-Shell via RMI works ok on localhost or in your intranet. But over the internet you don’t really want to expose RMI ports.
So most installations of Neo4j, e.g. on EC2 use basic auth as simplest security measure.
Also the Neo4j hosting providers like GrapheneDB.com or GraphHost.com offer basic auth by default to “secure” [...]


Exploring an Unknown Neo4j Database

Posted by Michael Hunger on Feb 17, 2014 in code, neo4j

Sometimes when you work with the Neo4j community you get a database handed that you don’t know anything about.
Then it is handy to get an idea what’s in there. Which kinds of node-labels are used, what relationship-types connect these nodes and which properties are floating around.
Usually all those answers are just a Cypher Statement away:
Labels [...]


On Creating a MapDB Schema Index Provider for Neo4j 2.0

Posted by Michael Hunger on May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized, code, java, neo4j

Writing an Neo4j 2.0 Schema Index Provider for MapDB
Neo4j 2.0 introduced the concept of real automatic indexes with a new underlying indexing subsystem SPI. So I thought it would be really helpful to try it out and provide a faster indexing implementation than the default lucene one. I chose MapDB for it and the results [...]


Parallel Batch Inserter with Neo4j imported 20 billion relationships on EC2

Posted by Michael Hunger on Oct 27, 2012 in code, java, neo4j

As massive data insertion performance has bothered me for a while, I made it the subject of my last lab days (20% time) at Neo4j. The results of my work are available on GitHub and I explain the approach below.
Data Insertion issues

When getting started with a new database like the graph database Neo4j it is [...]


Keynote at 4developers: The Game Of Life – Java‘s Siblings and Heirs are populating the Ecosystem

Posted by Michael Hunger on Mar 29, 2010 in code, development, java, programming languages

I was invited to give a keynote talk at the 4developers conference in Poznan, Poland.

I’d liked to talk about the Java.next programming languages on the JVM and polyglot programming. When pondering how to address this issue, two things came into my mind.


97TESPK: Scoping Methods

Posted by Michael Hunger on Mar 5, 2010 in 97TESPK, code, patterns, writing

Now that 97 things every programmer should know lies on my compass table, I’ll post my contributions here that didn’t make it into the book.
The first is “scoping methods” which I thought about while reading Uncle Bob Martin’s Clean Code. He discussed scoping variables but only about putting methods near to each other. Obviously there [...]

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On Unicode in DSLs

Posted by Michael Hunger on Oct 1, 2008 in code, dsl

Guy Steeles Talk on Fortress reminded me on the possibility of using Unicode characters in strings and identifiers in most current programming languages.
That also opens the way for using them in DSLs. Either in internal or external ones. If the special symbols have already a defined meaning in the domain (perhaps as part of a [...]

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On Coloring Lego – Print your own

Posted by Michael Hunger on Sep 17, 2008 in code, development

I thought about extending Lego Time Tracking to a kind of Agile story and task management. There you take the time estimated for the task and put that many bricks of the color assigned to the task away to a central location where it is clearly visible (area of stacked bricks). Everyone contributing to the [...]



On “The Productive Programmer” by Neal Ford

Posted by Michael Hunger on Jul 28, 2008 in code, development

I’ve been reading Neal’s blog for a while. So I’ve been looking forward to the book. (I even accidentally ordered it twice – one was the pre-buy at amazon, which I forgot about).
I spend the last two days reading the book and found it quite helpful. There are a lot of concrete tips and [...]


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